Stokke® MyCarrier™ Back Carrier


Stokke® MyCarrier™ Back

Babies are born into the world already connected to their parents.They are familiar with the rhythm of your body, hearing your heartbeat and being held close. Our baby carrier is the perfect way to keep that connection, giving them the same feeling of safety and comfort. Our 3 in 1 baby carriers grow with your child without compromising on comfort or ergonomics for you or your baby. For baby, the adjustable seating positions supports bottom, thighs and pelvis using the natural “Happy Hips”position. When used for back carrying, the smart design allows you to place your baby into the carrier before attaching it to you a safe solution. STOKKE MyCarrier can be used from birth to 15 kg /33 lbs and are available in fresh colours to suit any style. Choose between organic cotton textiles or breathable mesh.